You Are Exactly Where You Want To Be In Your Life Right Now – Wait, What?

Responsible Person

Here’s a profound truth:

You are exactly where you want to be in your life right now.

“What?” you ask incredulously. “If I was where I wanted to be right now, I would not be reading this article or hoping for something better.” But reading and hoping are one thing. Being is something else. You are where you are in your life right now because of the choices you have made. 

The only person responsible for your success or lack of it now is you. Other people might have laid the groundwork, positive or negative, but now you are in charge. If you are old enough to be reading these words, you are old enough to take responsibility for your life, your success and your happiness. You must stop running on autopilot, accepting what other people have programmed into your amazing brain, and grab hold of the controls, take charge. 

One of the most limiting autopilot thoughts you can have is, “I can’t do this because…” followed by some internalized thought or idea that you have allowed to control your life. Admittedly, if you’re still a teen-ager living at home, you can’t grow marijuana in your room or stay out all night long if your parents won’t let you.

But once you become an independent adult, your life is your own. You cannot blame anyone, not your parents or teachers or spouse or children or friends or neighbors or anyone else, for your condition in life. As of this moment, all of that is history! It lives in your brain only because your unconscious mind never forgets. But you do not have to let it control your present or your future! 

Say this out loud right now and repeat it often: “I am totally responsible for my life, my success and my happiness.” Because it’s true.


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