Writing and editing services
Writing, editing and proofreading for clients and employers has been a core skill of the Lawrimore team for decades. “Pictures attract, but words persuade.” And today the whole business of communicating with words has changed dramatically because of the popularity of the Internet, smartphones, text messaging and other electronic media.

Company president Buck Lawrimore began his career as a reporter and editor for The Charlotte Observer, and over the years he has written and edited many thousands of articles, brochures, proposals, blog posts, ebooks, letters and more.

Effective writing and editing for business includes these different dimensions:

(1) Grammar and spelling – You can’t rely entirely on spellcheck or autocorrect to get your written words right. English has so many word pairs like “right” and “write”, or “through” and “threw,” that a computer is just not going to catch all these errors. A highly experienced human editor is much more likely to spot and correct little mistakes that can make any set of words appear less professional if left incorrect.

(2) Brevity vs. verbosity – Many words and phrases are not needed to communicate clearly. “Write like you talk” can be good advice to avoid stilted language, but it can also lead to going on and on, using many words when fewer will get the job done. People are so busy today, less is more most of the time.

(3) Persuasion involves applied psychology, understanding the target audience, the difference between features and benefits, and many other factors. Most business writing is intended to persuade – usually for a prospect to become a paying customer, or for an interested person to sign a form or provide contact information. The Lawrimore team has extensive knowledge of psychology and persuasion techniques to deliver the best results for you.

(4) Conversion is a fairly new concept which means converting website visitors to customers or clients. This is a huge challenge as the typical visitor only spends a few seconds on a website – such a short period of time to catch their interest, engage them and convert them. Your website might have thousands of visitors a month, but unless those visitors are converting to paying customers, you might as well be watching traffic on the highway.

(5) Proposals – A huge amount of money may be riding on your winning a competition by submitting a proposal. An effective proposal often requires coordinating a lot of information, making sure all requests of the client are met, and all points are made persuasively. The next time you have a big proposal to prepare for a big contract, call on the professionals at Lawrimore Inc. to assist you.

(6) Publications such as brochures and sales materials require careful and persuasive writing, keeping content brief, and making sure all points are expressed in terms that benefit the potential customer. The Lawrimore team can produce the written content for your publications, the design, or both, as needed.

(7) Technical writing and editing – Practically every business today has a technical side today, whether it involves a complex piece of equipment, some advanced software, or an unusual business service. Good technical writing does not have to be so tedious it puts you to sleep. On the contrary, it is both interesting and understandable for the target audience. Lawrimore has provided technical writing for a wide range of manufacturing, software, professional service and other business clients. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your technical writing and editing needs so we can answer your questions and give you an estimate.

Many other services we provide involve writing, editing and proofreading of some kind. For a complete list of our services, click here.

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