Marketing Communications Techniques

Lawrimore Inc. is a professional services firm dedicated to helping its clients be more successful. We work on a time and expense basis under the terms of project budgets, annual budgets, or other agreements tailored to your preferences. Our first meeting with you, to get to know you and understand your needs, is free. After that, you have two options:

(1) To start with a Strategic Analysis, a big-picture view of your business or organization, which looks at all your challenges and opportunities in light of what you want to accomplish, and generates a menu of options about how we can address those needs working together. Each of those options can become a structured project with a defined budget once we define the specifications.

You can learn more about Strategic Analysis here. A Strategic Analysis is actually one project (defined time and budget) that generates other projects.

(2) To start with one or more Projects, a defined activity like an upgraded website, an advertisement or a PR news release, a brochure, or an SEO campaign, with a beginning and an end or deliverable. You can go to our Services page to see options for many different types of projects. If you prefer we can provide you with several budget options for each project that interests you, so the project is exactly what you want.

Sometimes neither you nor we know enough specific details to set a project budget upfront. In that case we can begin with a phased budget – the first step being a project design phase (like designing a house before you estimate the cost to build it) with a fixed budget, which enables us to generate a specific budget and detailed phases for the rest of the project.

For example designing or redesigning a website often falls into this category. We have to determine how many pages, graphics and other components will go into the website before we can estimate how much it will cost to produce it.

Each project we do for you is defined in a Service Agreement for good business practices and communications. As we move forward on the project, we keep you informed of progress, and invoice you normally twice a month for the services and expenses incurred during that half-month period. Depending on the project and the expenses incurred – such as buying advertising for you – we may need some payment upfront.

Our invoices include a clear “ordinary language” explanation of what the invoice is for. But of course any time you have a question, we encourage you to call us at 704-332-4344 or use our online contact form. We want you to feel comfortable, in control and satisfied throughout the process.

One reason clients come to us and stay with us is that we are very responsive and good communicators. A number of new clients tell us that the marketing or website people they have worked with before would not reply quickly to emails – sometimes not at all. By contrast we monitor our emails and text messages many times a day, and always make an effort to respond as quickly as possible. We also initiate communications whenever needed to keep you informed. Contact us to learn more now. We look forward to speaking with you.