Website Owner’s Checklist – 10 Things You Need To Know For Self-Protection

If you or someone else in your business is responsible as the owner of a website, it is very important that you have all the required user names, passwords, and access points (URLs) in case your current web developers get hit by a truck or you have a falling out with them.

Here’s a list of such information which might be helpful for you; having all the information filled in will be a valuable “free” insurance policy:

  1. Access to registration of your domain name, so you can renew the domain name and control what web hosting company hosts your website.
    1. Name of domain host: ____________________
    2. Account user name: ____________________
    3. Account password: ____________________
  2. Access to your web hosting account control panel so you can control your emails and key website features
    1. Name of web hosting company: ____________________
    2. URL (complete web address) of control panel log-in: ____________________
    3. User name: ____________________
    4. Password: ____________________
  3. FTP (file transfer protocol) access to your website’s electronic files (pages and folders), required for uploading and changing pages, images and other components
    1. User name: ____________________
    2. Password: ____________________
  4. Access to your blog or content management system if your site has one
    1. URL of administrative control log-in: ________________
    2. User name: ____________________
    3. Password: ____________________
  5. Access to any other scripts (programs) that run on your website, such as a search function or online contact form controls
    1. Log-in URL for each script: ____________________
    2. Username for each script: ____________________
    3. Password for each script: ____________________
  6. Access to any databases your site uses (common with content management systems)
    1. Code names of databases: ____________________
    2. Address of local host for databases: _________________
    3. Code names of database users: ____________________
    4. Password(s) for each database user: _________________
  7. Access to your Google Adwords account if your site has one
    1. User name (email): ____________________
    2. Password: ____________________
    3. Monthly budget and credit card being charged for the Adwords campaign, if any: ____________________
  8. List of keywords your website is optimized for, if any
    1. Keywords list: ____________________
    2. Indicate which of these are used in Google adwords, and which are not ­­___
    3. List of pages for which these keywords are optimized ____________________
  9. Report of your current keyword rankings on the major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. Any other search engine marketing programs or services being performed for your website if not listed above: __________________________________________________________________________________________________
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