What are the top 5 ways most new businesses get their marketing off to a good start? 

We at Lawrimore Inc. have worked with many young and start-up businesses over the years, and we’ve learned these five represent the best investments you can make to promote your new business and brand. That’s why they are the 5 most often selected by our small business marketing clients.

• Graphic Identity Package – A professional logo, stationery and business cards give your business a distinctive, established look that inspires confidence in potential customers and makes you feel good to. Learn more here.

• Internet Website – Today this is not an option but a necessity. You want to be able to direct people to your website to learn more about your business, and you want them to find you online. You want an email address that says “” and not @yahoo, @hotmail or other addresses that indicate you really don’t have a company. Learn all about websites here and search engine optimization here.

• Public Relations – How are people in the marketplace going to learn your business exists? PR is a great tool, especially if you have an interesting story to tell. Articles in local newspapers, magazines, and even national industry publications are very cost-effective ways to get the word out. Learn about PR here.

• A small brochure you can leave behind or mail to prospects, or whip out of your pocket at a networking event, is a great way to help people understand what your business does and how it can help them. Learn more about publications and the creative-production process.

• A Marketing Plan is a great way to ensure that all the dollars you invest in marketing are wisely spent and likely to generate a strong return on investment. Lawrimore offers a streamlined marketing plan using a process we’ve developed and refined over many years. This will help your business get a handle on your competitive advantages and greatest opportunities for marketplace success. It’s a big-picture process that only takes 3 hours of your time yet it generates a tremendous amount of valuable information and confidence. Learn about marketing planning here.

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