strategic planning Charlotte NC

Strategy is in many ways the most important of all management roles – yet it is often neglected.

The reason strategy is so important is it involves carefully developed group decisions to concentrate your organization’s major resources (money, people, activity etc.) on your greatest opportunities. But in the hustle and stress of day to day work, strategy is often not a priority.

One reason is that people don’t have the 21st Century strategy management tools that Lawrimore provides you. All are designed to be very cost-effective and time-effective for you and your management team:

(1) Strategic Analysis involves an in-depth discussion with the management team (you decide who participates) of what is most important to you, how you create value for customers, positive and negative forces at work, critical issues to be managed, visions for the future, and other vital elements. This process is one we have continuously refined over many years to reflect what works best in the real world, including best practices of leading organizations. It is the ideal way to get a hands-on understanding of how you can improve your success, some things you do yourself and some with Lawrimore’s assistance. After facilitating the Strategic Analysis meeting, we prepare a summary report and recommendations – a menu of options for what you might do next – and present them to your group in a follow-up meeting.

(2) Strategic Research involves surveying the perceptions, opinions and needs of customers, employees and other key groups. This is important because the Strategic Analysis just gives one picture of reality – the management team’s view. But what do customers think about the company? And what ideas do your employees or associates have for improvements? And what’s going on inthe marketplace in terms of competitors and trends that you might not be fully aware of? All these are questions which can be answered with various kinds of Strategic Research. Strategic Research is also very valuable in providing information that will help make difficult decisions regarding critical issues and priorities uncovered in the Strategic Analysis.

(3) Strategic Planning involves setting goals for the future and developing action plans to achieve those goals. It is very important for strategic planning to be concise, realistic, and adaptable to constant change. Many people have had bad experiences with highly detailed, rigid strategic plans that ended up being a big frustration and a waste of lots of time and money. To avoid those and other problems, and emphasize the positive dimensions, we recommend going one step further:

(4) Strategic Control turns your plans into action and allows frequent updates as internal or external circumstances change. A concise list of goals for the year include who is responsible, action steps which can be taken to achieve the goals, and budget allowance. At least once a month or preferably once a week, the concise set of goals and actions is reviewed by those responsible and updates are made as needed. If the goals do not reflect current realities, then change them. Don’t fall into the demoralizing trap of giving lip service to goals that no one really intends to achieve.

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