Business to business marketingThe 3 Levels Of Increasing Your Success

How do you determine what your business or organization needs to be more successful? Improvements can come at three levels – the strategic level, the marketing level, and the communications level. This diagram at right was created to illustrate how the strategic level covers everything, how marketing is one component of the big picture but includes communications, and how communications is composed of four different activites. Let us explain more.

(1) Strategic Level – This covers everything shown in the diagram at far right. It is the Big Picture of your entire business or organization.
Through extensive research we have learned that everything about a  business can be put into 5 major factors of business and organization success: Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Finance and People.

If you are the owner, CEO or President of your company, the Strategic Level will give you a comprehensive overview of all your success-building options. Everything is connected, and when you take this systematic approach, you maximize your success opportunities. To learn more about the Strategic Level and what it involves, click here.

2) Marketing Level – Marketing is one of the 5 major success factors. Marketing consists of an on-going cycle of research, planning, communications, and evaluating. Professional marketing is the most powerful process you can use to increase your sales and improve your brand image in the marketplace. By measuring your results, you can continuously improve.

To learn more about the Marketing Level and what it involves, click here.

org-mar-com-dwg(3) Communications Level – Communications is one component of Marketing. It consists of 4 main areas, the primary ways to communicate with potential customers and other important groups. To learn more, click on one of these links: AdvertisingPublic Relations, Publications and Graphic DesignInternet and Video.

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