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Social media
 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram – engage millions of people online all day long.

Whether you personally use social media a little, a lot or not at all, it is a vital and necessary part of any marketing program. Some people love it, some people just don’t have time – but it’s an opportunity that can’t be ignored.

It’s important to understand the difference between personal use and business use of social media. Some people check out Twitter or Facebook and see people talking about what they had for dinner or where they are going today, and get turned off.

But smart businesses and their leaders have learned that regularly posting messages on social media is a way to get your content out into the marketplace and connect with people who could become customers or could refer business your way. Like all human relationships, it takes time and it’s an on-going, two-way process.

All of this can be highly automated using a system that we at Lawrimore Inc. developed for our own use and share with many clients.

Automating Social Media
The core of an automated social media program is your blog. Ideally this is on your website, linked from or a part of your main web pages. All you have to do is post an occasional message to your blog. Then the automated system we set up for you automatically posts the headline and a few key words or sentences to Twitter and your Facebook business page.

The process can even be further simplified by enabling blog posts using email. We set up a “secret” email account which nobody knows but you, and you fire off an email that automatically posts to your blog, Twitter and Facebook in minutes.

We can also provide you with a free posting tool that captures anything you find interesting online (one click), and posts it to Twitter, Facebook and other media with a second click. Click-click you have posted to your social media.

Maybe you find an article online related to your business or something you think your customers and followers might enjoy. Click-click, and your work is done. Once you get into the habit, you may find yourself posting more than once a day – it’s that easy.

Managing Your Content
Another challenge that keeps a lot of business people from taking full advantage of social media is content. What do you say in your posts or messages? What if you run out of things to say or don’t have time?

We’ve got you covered. The Lawrimore team will create content specific to your business, your market and your industry, and you can choose to approve it or let it go, before it’s posted online using your social media accounts.

We can plan a series of posts then schedule them to appear online one at a time. And if desired we can monitor feedback posted by others so you or someone on staff can respond in a timely manner.

Social media is a vast Internet meeting place where the conversations flow 24-7. Join the conversations that interest you and reap the rewards for your business!

To learn more or discuss your needs, contact Lawrimore Inc. at 704-332-4344 or use our online contact form.

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