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The Amazing Power of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is unfortunately being neglected by many companies and website owners, in part because they get nuisance calls and emails several times a week from people all over the world offering to do this with great expertise. Don’t believe it.

While some SEO work can be done at long distance, there is no substitute for sitting down with a marketing firm in Charlotte or wherever  you might be, and talking about your business and your needs. Keywords must be carefully selected. Only an experienced SEO professional can determine what keywords are best for your business to pursue, depending on what your business does and how competitive each keyword is. There is no substitute for face-to-face discussions to work this out.

For example if you are a plumber, trying to get a No. 1 ranking for “plumber” or “plumbing” would take a long time, a lot of work and a lot of money. So instead, putting the name of your city or market area in front of that term would be much less competitive, and getting a top ranking would be much easier.

However in larger market areas like the Charlotte MSA, competition for “Charlotte plumber” is pretty intense. So further modifying your keywords may be the smartest route to take. SEO experts often advise going for the mid-range first, rather than the most competitive terms. For example “Charlotte drain cleaning” may be a less competitive phrase but still be a service provided by a plumber, and something people are searching for.

Years ago we found that people were finding our website Lciweb.com by searching for “Charlotte marketing firm.” But our site was not optimized for that term back then – it was just on the site somewhere. So back in the early days of SEO, we began optimizing our site for the search phrase “Charlotte marketing firm.” Today we rank at or near the top for that phrase, as well as “Charlotte marketing,” on Google and other search engines.

Meanwhile several other Charlotte marketing firms are competing for the very same phrase, especially those who offer SEO services. Google seems to have a long memory for such search terms. Once your site gets a top listing, if you keep it active it will be easier to hold onto that listing than trying to get top listings for other terms. But it is always competitive.

If you’d like top search rankings for your business or website, contact Charlotte marketing firm Lawrimore Inc. via our website or  call 704-332-4344 to learn more. It is much more economical than you think, and the on-going results in terms of a steady flow of new customers can be just amazing.



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