Vision Statement


You were encouraged at the beginning of this process to take the time to write down on paper or in a word processor app your vision for your desired future.

Now, go back to that first draft (or start now) and think about all of the thought you gave to your internal and external success factors. A good vision statement is not one big idea like \”I will be the richest person on earth\” but what we call \”vision slices.\” The vision statement is a whole pie, and each part of it is a slice.

So maybe you want one slice for each of the internal and external success factors, or maybe you want to start with one big bold idea and then flesh it out with some details from your success factor thinking. Here are some tips for creating your Best Life Success vision statement:

  • Let your creativity flow and dream big, expressing your deepest wishes. Don\’t be shy – no one is going to see this vision statement but you for now.
  • Don\’t worry about how you are going to achieve your vision. Some of the wealthiest people on earth started out dirt poor or lived in poverty in their youth.
  • Turn your thoughts into visuals that you can envision in your mind. See each component as if it were really happening.
  • Use \”I am\” statements instead of \”I will\” statements. Part of what you\’re doing is programming your subconscious mind. It responds best to present-time statements like \”I am living in a 5-bedroom house on the beach\” or \”I am president of the world\’s leading bakery.\” Future \”I will\” statements can confuse your subconscious mind and introduce doubt. At this point you don\’t want doubt.
  • Seek words that fire you up and energize your emotions. Again, don\’t worry about how to accomplish these visions – just create something that will excite and motivate you every time you read your statements. Another term for this is \”passion\” – express your passion for what you want and desire.
  • Reflect back on what you wrote down as your Values. Your vision should be consistent with your values, not contradictory.

Keep your vision statement fairly concise – in general no more than a page. Once you have it in good shape, proceed to Set Goals.

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