Measure Your Progress


\”You can\’t manage what you don\’t measure\” is a famous saying from management circles that applies equally to personal success.

In the natural world, any living organism from an ameba to a human must be able to observe or sense it\’s environment and get feedback both from the changing environment and its own actions. Without feedback, you learn nothing, and are surely not going to achieve much success.

Imagine driving a car without a speedometer or gas gauge, to say nothing of a GPS system. You wouldn\’t get very far – at least, not safely. So imagine creating a \”dashboard\” for your Best Life Success System that is going to measure your position and progress and thereby help you move closer to your goals.

This is a huge challenge for business and industry, where management must hold employees accountable for their performance, and some kind of measurement that both can observe is extremely helpful. This is not as easy for personal success, but it is worth the effort.

If your goal is to double your income in a year, you can measure your income at least monthly to monitor your progress. If your goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day, you can get a smartwatch or app to track your steps. if your goal is to write a book in six months, you can count how many pages you write each day or week. There are so many ways to measure progress toward your goals. But if you hit a blank wall, just do an online search, \”how do I measure progress toward (insert goal here)?\”

So are you going to fly blind, drive in the darkness, or get yourself a dashboard and some lights? The choice is yours, but the more you measure, the more likely you will be successful at any venture in life or business. Measurement also helps you with the final step in this process, continuous improvement.

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