Improve Continuously For Best Results


As long as you are alive on this earth, having goals and striving for continuous improvement makes life more meaningful and success more rewarding.

Don\’t think of success as a linear process like a trip from Maine to Florida, with a beginning and an end, but think of success as getting better and better every day, a continuous loop. You set goals, you plan, you act, you measure progress, you see opportunities for improvement, then you feed that back into the loop and modify your goals, plans or actions for even better results next time.

The Japanese have a word kaizen, which means continuous improvement, and it has become a standard practice for many leading American and European companies as well. It also works for individual people like you, who don\’t want to rest on their laurels but get better and more successful every day.

Some people who started out broke or poor or homeless, diseased or with damaged limbs, pulled themselves up through relentless determination and continuous improvement.

The French pharmacist and psychologist Émile Coué found that he could improve the mental health and lives of his patients by having them repeat every day, \”Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.\” Say that to yourself every day and you may be remarkably surprised as to how effective it can be. This is also called learned optimism, but it\’s really continuous improvement for individuals like you.

Now you have all the steps in the Best Life Success System which you can follow for your best life. Hopefully you have been writing things down as you progressed step by step, but if not, start over at the Introduction page and carefully craft your own Best Life Success System. By following the steps, you WILL get better and better every day in every way. God bless you on your journey!

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