Personal Counseling Services For People In Business Or Seeking Change

personal counselingPersonal counseling services have been provided by company president Buck Lawrimore for a wide range of people in the business world for more than 25 years. All of our personal counseling is aimed at providing objective feedback and guidance for individuals in a business context, such as wanting to start a new business, changing an existing business, or making a career change. Some of our personal consulting clients also use our business consulting or marketing services, but this is not required.

Lawrimore has a degree in psychology from Davidson College and has studied various forms of psychology as well as the personal and business success literature, but is not a licensed psychologist or therapist. His focus is helping people get some real-world perspective on their lives and decision-making options through a disciplined process based on many years of experience working with hundreds of clients. Sometimes we use individual assessment tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the most widely used and scientifically verified personality profiling system in the world.

We do not believe one size fits all, but adapt our approach and services to suit each individual and his or her needs. Many people can benefit just from having an experienced business professional listen and respond in a caring manner. We are comfortable interacting in a totally secular or faith-based context, depending on each person’s preferences.

Examples of personal counseling situations where Lawrimore has provided services include:

  • A growing architecture firm president wanted to discuss how to meet the needs of a younger partner who wanted more pay and company stock
  • An experienced sales and management professional had left his manufacturing employer and wanted to start his own business
  • An experienced HR professional had left corporate America and wanted to provide personal and faith-based consulting to others
  • A highly creative individual working for a Fortune 500 company made a commitment to himself to leave at mid-year to chart a new course, but was unsure what path to take because he had been inside this big institution for so long.

To discuss your personal counseling needs, interests or questions, use the contact form right on this page, or call 704-332-4344.