For your organization to achieve peak performance, it needs to operate as a smoothly functioning system. And that’s always a challenge where people are concerned, because people are all different and like to do things their way.

Organization development is the process of building unity and enhancing teamwork, so the diverse people function as one united whole, one team, dedicated to continuous improvement. Lawrimore’s organization development services include:

• Personality assessmentsusing the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other scientifically verified tools to help understand each person’s unique style of thinking, feeling and acting. The more people’s work roles fit their personality type, the more effective they will be. These tools are also very valuable in the hiring process, giving you insight into important factors which are not observable in a typical interview.

• Enhancing teamwork is a natural extension of personality assessments. Mutual understanding and valuing of differences is important for an effective work team, just as it is for a sports team. Team spirit emerges from shared values and purposes which allow each person to contribute based on his or her strengths.

• Organization design involves restructuring positions, powers and responsibilities for improved functionality and flexibility. Many business, government and nonprofit organizations are saddled with organization designs created for previous centuries. Greater flexibility is needed for the fast-paced 21st Century, and evolution rather than revolution allows smoother, more enduring transitions.

• Leadership developmentinvolves helping each person understand his or her unique personality characteristics and strengths, the difference between managing and leading, and practices needed to lead the organization successfully into the future.

• Organizational unification can be a powerful process for organizations which are merging, changing or experiencing conflict. Often a lack of mutual understanding or different personal values drive conflicts. When these values and perceptions are made more explicit and discussed openly, differences can be understood and greater harmony achieved. Of course many other steps are involved.

• Total Success Managementcombines the most proven-effective methods of achieving greater business success, drawn from our extensive 20-year study of the success secrets of market leaders, as well as relevant dimensions of personal and interpersonal success, to maximize an organization’s success achievements.

Is your organization experiencing internal problemsthat concern you? Do you feel your business or team could be better adapted to the challenges of the fast-changing 21st-Century marketplace? Contact Lawrimore today for flexible professional assistance. Use our online contact form or call 704-332-4344.


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