How To Move Up To The Next Level

– More Business, More Income –

Do you want to move up to the next level for your business and your income?

Many business owners, startups and entrepreneurs do. It’s part of the American dream – to get ahead, make a success of your life, even become “rich and famous.”

But what does that involve, actually? And is it even achievable for you?

People who move up to the next level work harder, on multiple fronts, and usually learn from others or hire professional support. It is not something that others can do for you – you have to be the main driver of the “moving van” for your business and life. You are not born knowing this stuff, and they do not teach it in most schools.

Because we at Lawrimore Inc. work as both marketing agents and business consultants, having served hundreds of diverse clients, we have come to understand that moving up to the next level involves managing five key success factors:

  • People – the people on your team, your own characteristics, and new people you might hire
  • Operations – the work that you do, creating superior value for customers
  • Strategy – concentrating your resources on your greatest opportunities to dominate a particular market niche
  • Finances – having sufficient available funds for growth, managing your money wisely
  • Marketing – attracting new customers to increase your income

The trick is, you have to manage all five success factors in harmony with one another to move up to the next level. If even one of those factors is not on par with the others, it is going to be a drag on your progress. And quite honestly business owners and managers often lack the objectivity to assess their success factors to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. That’s why you need experienced professional guidance.

The Lawrimore team has focused on these five key success factors in great depth, for more than 20 years, and we’ve written a book about it available on But a book won’t move you up to the next level. You need live, on-site, experienced professional consulting and support to help you reach your potential.

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