Marketing – What It Is And How It Can Help You


Marketing is a powerful activity that can take your business or organization to the next level in terms of sales, income, image and brand awareness in the competitive marketplace.

Marketing is also widely misunderstood, and many so-called marketing agencies in business today are really advertising agencies or PR firms posing as marketing agencies. Do not be deceived. Lawrimore Inc. is a real marketing agency. Let us explain the difference for your benefit.

A real marketing agency is focused on helping increase your company’s sales and income, and enhancing your organization’s image or brand in the areas you serve. This can involve dozens of strategies, media and actions, carefully considered and selected in terms of what is best for your business, your objectives, and importantly, your budget.

An advertising agency is structured to generate ads in print, TV, radio and other media intended to attract new customers and enhance branding, but first you have to spend a lot of money paying for all those ads, which may or may not work for you. Ad agencies pride themselves on their clever concepts and creative awards. But unless you have a six-figure or higher annual budget, an ad agency may not be right for you. Advertising is an important part of a total marketing program, but it’s not all there is.

A public relations firm is structured to get publicity for your company, products or services in the news media, which can also help attract new customers and enhance your brand image, but you have to be doing something new and interesting to get noticed by the media. This is harder than ever today as newspapers have cut down to skeleton crews and TV news departments love to focus on crime news and excitement (rarely on business). And some companies just do not have a lot of new stuff that the media or general public would be interested in. PR is an important part of a total marketing program, but it’s not all there is.

Internet marketing, including website design, pay-per-click ads, search engine optimization and content marketing, is structured to drive traffic to your website. If your website is properly structured in terms of design and content, it can convert some visitors to paying customers. But the vast majority of your website visitors are going to be tire-kickers, just passing through, folks secretly looking for information – not really potential customers. And all those pay-per-click ads can get expensive fast. Internet marketing is an important part of a total marketing program, but it’s not all there is.

Real marketing is a process that involves a team effort including the agency (Lawrimore) staff and your key staff. First we have to understand how your business or organization creates value for customers, what you are trying to accomplish, your competitive advantages and more. In broad terms, marketing involves product differentiation (how your products or services are different from competitors’) and market segmentation (target markets you serve or want to serve – not trying to be all things to all people). If you can provide your target markets with products or services that are superior to your competition, in ways that matter to your customers, your business has an excellent chance of being increasingly successful and profitable.

Real marketing also helps determine what does matter most to your customers, how you and your competition are perceived, and how you can sharpen your focus to hit the bull’s-eye more often. This is often called market research, and Lawrimore provides a full range of market research services to suit any budget or need.

At Lawrimore Inc., real marketing also involves taking a genuine interest in your overall business success, caring about you and your customers, and recommending only what we think is in your best interest – not so we can make more money or dazzle you with our cleverness. So that is our competitive advantage, and why our clients tend to say with us for many years. We look forward to learning more about your needs and helping you achieve higher levels of success. Please contact us now to start a beneficial conversation.

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