Marketing – A Powerful Process To Improve Your Sales And Income


Marketing is the most powerful process to help your business increase sales and income while gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. Here’s how Lawrimore’s marketing services can benefit you:

(1) Increasing your sales and income through a carefully planned program custom-designed for your business and target markets, focusing on your most profitable products or services. This will include one or more defined projects, each with a specific budget and parameters, so you know what you’re getting and remain in control.

(2) Increasing your competitive advantage by analyzing your strengths versus your competition, what customers think and want (using market research), and developing a realistic marketing strategy to leverage your strengths. Competitive advantage makes it easier for you to close sales and grow your business.

(3) Attracting new customers or clients through a combination of online marketing, content marketing, email, advertising, public relations and other marketing services. This way customers find you and understand what you offer instead of you having to chase them.

(4) Increasing market awareness of your business, products and services so more people know about your company and what it offers, and seek you out when they have a need because you now have top-of-mind awareness in your market sectors.

In all we offer the following marketing services to meet your needs:

• Market Research
• Marketing Planning
• Marketing Strategy
• B to B Marketing 
• Content Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Email Marketing
• Promoting Your New Business

To discuss how Lawrimore’s marketing services can work for your business or organization, please use the online contact form on this page or call 704-332-4344. We look forward to helping you!


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