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‘Life According to Rules of Boxing’ Contains Life Lessons for Us All

Jolie Glassman says that she taught boxing before she even knew what boxing was. 

“I was a little, blonde girl who would go into the inner-city ghetto and teach the kids in the back. My kids had guns and knives. My school was called ‘Last Chance.’ It was worse than jail.”

Glassman was anti-bullying before anti-bullying was a thing. “If kids were going to fight, I had a rule that, fine, I’d pull the chairs out in a circle, but the fight had to be one-on-one.”

Glassman has taken the life lessons she learned as a teacher and as a coach and world-famous boxing gym owner and has written a book, “Life According to the Rules of Boxing – 101 Rules to Being the Champion of Your Own Life.” It’s a collection of 101 short, deeply impactful life lessons that will allow the reader to “chase mastery and become the champion of their own life.”

“We all need to be boxers in life, which is why I wrote this book,” said Glassman. “To give the reader all the tools and skills needed to become their greatest self and the champion fighter of their own life. The hero is you!” 

“Life According to the Rules of Boxing” contains quotes from famous boxers along with lessons explained through real-world actions and experiences, lessons that are important for boxers, football players as well as the successful CEO.

Glassman’s first lesson, “Always Chase the Perfect Punch,” features a quote by Mike Tyson, “I fight for perfection. Never achieve it, no one does, but we aim for it.”

Glassman eloquently explains that mastery doesn’t mean you are the best in the world but that you are on your path to explore how to be your best. Becoming a champion is a journey, not a destination. 

“Practice is key, and you can never practice enough,” with the quote by Luke Campbell, “There are always improvements to make; no boxer in the world does everything right.”

Glassman motivates the reader by emphasizing that mastery comes from repetition. Every match or game that is won is achieved by the practice done in private, and champions are made when no “one is watching.”

“No one is coming to save you” highlights a quote from the great Joe Louis, “Once the bell rings, you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy.”

“We are born alone, we die alone, and we are never alone,” begins Glassman as she explains that being alone is a beautiful thing. “You have yourself to count on, and you rock!” 

“Be positive” spotlights not one but two quotes. The first is from Sugar Ray Leonard, “I’m one of the most optimistic persons in the world. I always believed that there’s another shot, another chance. In boxing, I never gave up. I kept trying, kept trying. Even when things seemed so dim, I continued to push forward to make something happen in my favor.” The second quote is from Muhammad Ali, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

“When people tell you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong,” showcases the motto that Manny Paquiao lives by, “Thank you to every person who has told me I can’t. You are just another reason I will.”

Glassman inspires readers with the wise words all readers need to hear, “When someone says you cannot do something, say, ‘Yet.’”

“I always teach the win/win and honoring yourself and others while coming from a place of love. Allow me to transform your life and show you how great you are.”

About: JOLIE GLASSMAN has been the owner of the world-famous boxing gym South Beach Boxing in Miami since 1998. She is known as a real-talk, real-results mindset trainer, mentor, and coach, with over 30 years experience in motivating, inspiring, and transforming tens of thousands of lives. She is a professionally certified life coach with several degrees, licenses, and certifications in the education, behavior, self-improvement, and personal development arenas. Specializing in health and wellness, sports and fitness, transition and loss, relationship issues, family issues, and business issues – she has dedicated her life to motivating, training, and teaching people to get into action and hold them accountable. Jolie helps passionate, strong, health-is-wealth conscious clients to inspire, transform, and communicate most effectively while honoring their own power, being fully self-expressed, and coming from a place of love. Her work is infused with the phrase “love is all you need,” and she’s known for her teachings about how you can create a win-win outcome honoring yourself first and in turn honoring the world around you. She teaches others to be their own heroes and to know they are the ones they have been waiting for. She believes strength and confidence are where it is at, and self-care is our superpower. Jolie is passionate about balance, strength, and flexibility in mind, body, and spirit, as well as community and fun… All through movement – as movement is medicine.



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