Leadership Counseling Institute for Your Greater Success

The Leadership Counseling Institute (LCI) is one of the web’s leading resources on business and personal success, emphasizing what are called key success factors.

You don’t have the time or resources to manage every aspect and moment of your life or work, so focusing on key success factors means you have leverage and power. The highest priority success factors will deliver the greatest results if managed properly. It’s a very practical way to get things done. We show you what those success factors are and how to put them to work for your benefit:

The Leadership Counseling Institute’s team of highly experienced business and individual counselors will also coach you on a one-on-one or group basis to deepen your understanding and expertise. Contact us using the form on this page for a free initial consultation.

Why Choose the Leadership Counseling Institute?

Why is the Leadership Counseling Institute your preferred resource for business leadership or personal counseling?

  1. We have over 40 years experience counseling hundreds of diverse businesses, organizations, and individuals on how to be more successful,  including understanding and managing the key success factors noted above. We’ve helped companies achieve millions in sales, organizations become better organized, and individuals develop better understanding of themselves, coworkers, and partners, to resolve conflict and chart a clearer path for the future.
  2. Our president Buck Lawrimore has authored nine nonfiction books, including the national award-winning How To Be Successful In Life; The Business Success Book: Secrets of Managing, Marketing, and Other Key Success Factors; and Dynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process for Real-World Results.
  3. We can consult with you online via Zoom, by phone, or in person. First contact meeting is free, so  let us know your interests using our online contact form.
  4. Our approach is simple. We use a key success factors framework based on many years of practical experience. No mumbo-jumbo. We specialize in serving small business owners with practical solutions to real-world issues.

So contact us now using our online contact form to learn more. You’ll be glad you did, and there is no charge for an initial consultations.

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