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Key Advantages Of Email Marketing And When To Use It

Here’s a concise summary of the advantages of email marketing, why and when to use it, and keys to making it work for you:

  1. Key advantages of email marketing
    • Only pennies or less to send each email
    • Still the most effective form of Internet marketing – practically everyone checks their email more than once a day
    • A great way to keep customers, prospects and other groups informed and aware of your business and what it offers (lest they forget)

  2. Why and when to send email marketing
    • To customers, prospects and others you know – to keep them informed and aware
    • To potential customers you do not know – must be done carefully but can be very effective in making new contacts and generating sales inquiries
    • To news media to get free publicity about your company, products or services
    • To educate or generate interest through email “courses” or “drip emails” sent automatically once a day, weekly or on other schedules
  3. Keys to effective email marketing today
    • Subject line must be about 5 words and communicate a benefit to the recipient
    • Keep it short – a nice photo or two and one short message, like an ad
    • Multi-subject “newsletters” rarely get read – people are too busy
    • Include links to “learn more” which can be tracked by user, allowing more targeted follow-up
    • Have a signup form or page on your website to capture prospects’ emails
    • Must be consistent – at least once a month, more if you can sustain it
    • If you can’t do it in-house, hire someone to do it, but be sure you do it
  4. Email marketing services provided by Lawrimore Inc.
    • Writing, design and production of emails with or without your staff
    • Development of forms and systems to capture emails of prospects
    • Setting you up with an economical commercial email sender for opt-in emails
    • Private email server for sending unsolicited emails so there is no “spam backlash”
    • Obtaining prospect email lists from a highly respected supplier, using targeted demographics (industry category, location, size, executive role etc.)
    • Pretty much anything you can think of regarding email, Internet marketing and other forms of marketing
    • Contact us to discuss your needs and questions!


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