Introduction to the Best Life Success System


The Best Life Success System is based on four primary internal success factors and four primary external success factors. Realistically, you can only control your internal success factors, but you can still influence your external success factors. Properly understood, these eight key success factors are ALL THERE IS in life that you have any control or influence over, so it is important to understand and explore each one.

The internal success factors are the same ones people have used for thousands of years to explain human capabilities: \”heart and soul and mind and strength,\” or as we say in the modern era: 

  • Mind 
  • Body
  • Emotions 
  • Spirit 


The external success factors are also highly logical:

  • Relationships (interactions with people)
  • Work (required activities in business and home)
  • Finances (interactions with money and things)
  • Recreation (optional non-work activities) 

If you want the best life possible for yourself and others whom you care about, you will take the time now to develop your own personally customized Best Life Success System (BLSS). Having your own BLSS can enable you to: 

  • Be more successful in life 
  • Be happier and more satisfied 
  • Have greater wealth and economic security 
  • Be more in control of your life 
  • Have greater influence with others 
  • Plan for the future with greater confidence 
  • Manage and enjoy each day to the fullest 
  • Have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your God 
  • Have better, more enjoyable relationships with other people 
  • Be more successful at work, whether in business or home 
  • Have better health and wellness, overcoming illness and weakness 
  • Enjoy peace of mind and relief from any mental or emotional issues 

Of course your results may vary. It all depends on what you are willing to do, how much effort you put into your own BLSS, and how much you use it every day.

Ready? Get our your pen and paper or word processor and let\’s get started by exploring your Internal Success Factors.

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