Charlotte web designInternet marketing including a well designed website and email messages is the most powerful form of marketing today.

Why? Because over 80% of consumers and business buyers start their search for a supplier to meet their needs using the Internet. Time was, people turned to yellow pages to find new suppliers. Today anyone with a computer goes immediately to Google, Yahoo or Bing, types in what they are looking for, and clicks on the top-listed results.

Your website isn’t just a bunch of pages in cyberspace. For the vast majority of potential new customers, it IS your business. That’s where they get their first impression. That’s where they decide to contact you or not.

Internet websites can be as simple as one page or dozens, with any kind of “look” or design you want. Today it is essential that your website be mobile-friendly, which means it can be viewed on a mobile phone with the words and images resized automatically for easy reading. Google is now insisting that websites be mobile-friendly or they will lose ranking and be very hard to find for mobile phone users – who now make up more than half of online searchers!

Design or redesign of your website begins with a plan, basically an outline of the number of pages, how they will be structured, and the content they will contain. Once the plan is done, we can give you a set price to construct it.

We at Lawrimore Inc. are also expert in designing your website to get high ranking by search engines like Google. Bing and Yahoo – called search engine optimization. And we know how to convert an old-style website into a mobile-friendly version very economically.

People and companies have chosen us to design or upgrade their websites because we offer a valuable combination of:

• High-quality design for an attractive, professional site
• A strong marketing orientation so your website really sells
• The ability to understand your business and to translate that into a website that works as an extension of your organization
• Making your site mobile-friendly for ease of use and mobile search traffic
• Expertise in search engine optimization to get high rankings in the search engines for your site
• Dependability and attention to detail, so every aspect of your website and the development process work just the way you want
• The ability to drive traffic to your website with blogging, social media, PR, articles, pay-per-click ads and more

Email marketing is a strong complement to an effective website. Email marketing is growing in popularity because it is so inexpensive. You can send periodic newsletters to keep customers informed and to convert visitors to customers. Lawrimore can develop an email marketing program that is just right for your business and your budget.

To learn how the power of Internet marketing, website design and email marketing programs can work for you, contact us now using the online contact form right on this page or call 704-332-4344.


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