Mental Strengths


Your mind is virtually unlimited. But through evolution your mind has evolved to minimize the effort required to perform a task. Your mind is naturally lazy. This conserves energy, which is good for survival, but it is not good for increasing your success!  

A few fortunate people are naturally very self-disciplined and can do just about anything they set their minds to. For these fortunate few, success comes more easily than it does for the rest of us. Most folks do only what they have to, and even then, the natural laziness often kicks in. It’s easier to put out a little effort and get a C in class than to work hard to get an A.

We tend to get into a comfort zone of daily routines, and even though we might wish for greater success, getting out of that comfort zone means making ourselves uncomfortable – and that is not easy. 

Some people are also naturally more intelligent than others. It’s easier for these people to make the A’s, do well on written tests, and be successful in life. But if you are smart enough to be reading this book, you are plenty smart enough to learn more. 

Creativity is another mental gift enjoyed by many people, whereas others are better at details and structure.

Before we move on to the next topic, take a little time to write down in a notebook or document your observations about your own mental strengths and abilities, as honestly as you can. 

The next step is to honestly assess any mental issues you might have.

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