Mental Issues


As any psychologist, psychotherapist or counselor will tell you, just about everybody has some kind of mental issues. Part of this is because your parents and other family and friends said things to you when you were in your first six years of life that you took literally, as part of your self-concept. They might have been negative statements such as “you are not very smart,” “you are too fat,” “you are a bad girl,” or “why don’t you think,” to positive statements such as “you are a good boy,” “you are perfect,” or “you are the best.”  

Yes unrealistic positive statements can be just as damaging as negative statements. We encourage every parent to avoid making any identity statements to their children that begin with “you are …. “and instead let them know you love them and focus on their behavior, such as, “You won’t get your way by crying” or “You can do better if you try hard,” and of course, “I really love you.” It all depends on the child and the context, of course. 

Some of us may have had one parent who too often told us that we were a “good boy” or \”good girl\” or “wonderful,” and another parent who was very judgmental and said things like, “Why didn’t you think before you did that?” Of course the few words quoted above cannot begin to communicate the complicated parent-child relationships we all experience in our first 6, 12 or 18 years, but for many people, unearthing these past experiences through therapy has helped helped them get over a wide range of mental issues. 

So if you are aware of any mental issues you are experiencing such as anxiety or fears which you feel are unwarranted, feelings of anger or hate, or other negative emotions, write them down now just to get them out in the open as you consider what you want to overcome while developing your Best Life Success System. 

The next step is to assess your physical body and strengths.

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