Knowledge And Life Experiences


Chances are you do not know how to pilot an aircraft carrier, although you may have driven a small motorboat at some time. But you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and information stored in your incredible brain. From the day you were born, possibly even in the womb, your young brain sucked up knowledge like a sponge. Language acquisition in one’s early years occurs so rapidly it can be astonishing. One minute the toddler is going “Yabba-dabba-dabba\” and the next she is speaking in complete sentences, or so it seems to family members who don’t observe her every day. 

You have learned a lot before pre-school and outside of school. You have learned a lot in school. And all your activities from using a computer to playing sports or reading or dating have all enabled you to learn a vast amount of information. So to self-assess your knowledge, take out a sheet of paper or computer document, draw a line down the middle, title one side Pros and the other Cons, and write down what are the positives and negatives about what you have learned in your life so far, and what else you would like to learn going forward.

Then proceed to the next step, writing down your personal values.

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