Internal success begins with your mind. The human brain is the most powerful living system in the universe. It has about 87 million neurons (nerve cells) that connect to form networks. The number of possible connections among neurons is 10^86 (10 to the 86th power), more than all the atoms in the universe!

So yes, your brain\’s power is virtually unlimited. BUT… 95 percent of your brain\’s power and function is in the subconscious part of your brain. The conscious part, also called your mind, is the powerful key to your success. They don\’t teach you in school how to use your mind to control your success, so you will need to learn how now.

The first step is to create a vivid vision of what success means to you. So take a few minutes to get out a pen and paper, or open a word processing app in another window, and just let your imagine run. Don\’t worry about how you can accomplish this – just state clearly what you would love to accomplish if there were no barriers. Dream big! Think bold! Write down your Success Vision now to begin developing your own, customized Best Life Success System (BLSS).

Once completed, proceed to the next step: Take stock of your current knowledge.

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