In addition to muscular strength, many of us have special talents such as running fast, swimming, throwing a ball, playing defense, weight-lifting or other physical gifts that we just naturally do better than most of our friends, classmates or colleagues. So make a note of any physical special qualities you have. 

Most people have normal bodies, but many of us struggle with physical limitations. Perhaps you have a physical problem with your body, an illness, problems with your weight, drug addictions or impaired senses. Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to be strong and healthy, in good shape and physically active. 

Whatever your physical condition, it is extremely important to make the most of it in order to be more successful. Being physically active, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well, and avoiding smoking as well as too much alcohol or drugs, will all greatly enhance your mental capacities to think clearly, control what you are doing, and be more successful in life. 

Any effort to achieve greater success of any kind is going to take energy, and the best way to have more energy is to build your strength through regular physical activity. So in this step, honestly assess your physical strengths, limitations and habits, and consider what you could improve. Write that down.

Then move on to better understanding your emotions.


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