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How To Publish Your Blog Content Automatically On Social Media

Whether you blog regularly or occasionally, it is advantageous to share your ideas and contents with others via social media. Of course some will read your blog, but many others probably connect with you on other social media.

jetpack_horizontal_hugeThe coolest tool we’ve found to republish that great content is Jetpack, available free as a WordPress blog plugin. To function with all its great free features, Jetpack needs to connect to your WordPress.com account, but that is also free. So if you don’t have a WordPress.com account yet, be sure to set one up first.

Then you “Add New” the plugin “Jetpack” to your blog, activate it, and then configure it. You’ll see a whole bunch of neat blog add-ons. The one we’re highlighting today is “Publicize.” This module will automatically post your blog content in abbreviated form, with a link back to your blog, on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr.
  • Path
  • Google+

You’ll need accounts set up on all those social media, so if you’ve delayed doing that, or haven’t tried some of the newer ones like Path, here’s a chance to get off your derriere and get your content pushed out into socialmedialand!




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