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How To Get A Job In Creative Design, Advertising or Marketing

Many college students who want to get a job after graduation, or an internship before then, in creative design, advertising or marketing should begin by advertising and marketing themselves online. Internet marketing is a vast and powerful force that you can only learn a little bit in college. All the resources you need are free and easily accessible. Here’s what we recommend to college students looking to break into the field part-time or full-time:

  • Create your own website or blog to post your creative work and ideas for the world to see (tumblr.com and blogspot.com are free)
  • Join LinkedIn and create a personal page, and fill it out completely
  • Post to Twitter and connect with other design professionals there
  • Identify top blogs about your chosen field and read them often or subscribe to their feeds
  • Identify top experts in your chosen field and subscribe to their email newsletters
  • Contact your local Business Journal or university library and buy or check out a copy of the Book of Lists, which lists the top 25 advertising and/or other marketing firms in your area. Contact each of those firms to let them know of your interest and offer your skills.

In other words, be a “force to be reckoned with” online and easy to find. If you have an unusual name, make it your brand and market it. If you have a common name, create a unique brand name for your work and capabilities.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Make things happen. Be big online. Get found and get hired.


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