How Success Is Measured

how success is measured

How success is measured depends on your perspective and needs. Success measurement can be formal, informal or somewhere in between.

Keep in mind that \”success\” simply means \”achieving your aim or purpose.\” If your aim is to fix dinner in a microwave, it might only take you five minutes to achieve that success.

But if \”success\” means \”earn enough money to save $1 million,\” that could take many years.

The point is, how you measure success is a choice that you or other people in authority make. It all depends on the circumstances and the values you apply. If you are an employee of a business, the owners might determine how success is measured. But as far as your on life is concerned, you decide – don\’t give up the power to measure success to someone else. Be responsible and take charge of your own life for optimal success and happiness.

Here are some common examples of how success is measured:

  • Money, typically income over a given period of time
  • Speed, how long it takes to do something
  • Satisfaction, measured by a satisfaction survey or your own personal feelings of satisfaction
  • Profits, which is income minus expense for a business, or potential savings for an individual
  • Happiness – no there is no such thing as a happiness meter, but you can measure your happiness or others\’ using a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being very low to 10 being very high happiness
  • Counting, such as how many steps you take per day, how many reps you can do lifting a 50-pound weight, how many ounces of water you drink per day, how many calories you consume, and many other items, all depending on what is most important to you.

For your own life, take time to write down your strongest personal values, the things, people or beings that are most important to you. That way you create your own standards for success.

Or you can go further and set goals using a process like the Best Life Success System. Then you can measure success in terms of progress toward your vision and goals, a process which is highly recommended and valuable.

If you run or manage your own business, be sure to learn about the 5 key success factors of business, including a free Business Scorecard you can use to measure your success.

The famous Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas said, “Success is when you try to achieve your inward vision externally and have it come off the way you see it. Then YOU feel successful about it; that\’s how success is measured.”

This makes the point that when external success manifests your internal vision of success, you have the best of both worlds. So work on your vision, values and goals and you will feel more in control with how success is measured.

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