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‘Google Search Plus Your World’ Changes Search Engine Optimization

In recent weeks, Google has made such dramatic changes in how it conducts business that it will affect all of us. As a professional provider of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we want to explain this in brief, and attach a “white paper” below that provides further details if you are interested.

Basically Google is envious of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for all their people-social participation. Facebook and Twitter do not want to share their users’ content with Google, so Google has decided to create its own social network. And to tilt the playing field in its favor (many say unfairly), Google is going to give higher search engine rankings to websites and people who play the Google-social game, called Google+, than those who don’t.

Many of us who already use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or who do not use any social media, do not “need” another social network to take up our time. But that is not the point. The point is, to get and keep higher search engine rankings on Google (where 3/4 of Internet users search), we have to play the Google+ game their way, or suffer the consequences (lower rankings).

One part of this is the “requirement” that every business who cares about their search rankings now must have a Google+ page, which is search engine optimized, linked to your main site, and more. You can set up your own Google+ page at http://www.plus.google.com, but we will assist you in doing that if you prefer. We will then send you the address of your new Google+ page so you can review it and suggest any changes you want.

Another “requirement” is to have Google+ “sharing” buttons on your website – which show a “+1” on a colored button. That way people who “like” your content can click the +1 button, which in turn will help increase your rankings. We will be adding the +1 button and probably others to clients’ web pages in the near future as part of our on-going SEO services.

Also so that you can play the Google+ game yourself, you need to join Google+ if you have not already. Here is an invitation that you can click on to join, or as Google prefers to call it, Upgrade:


As more and more people who are logged in to Google+ search online, your search results will be influenced by what people in your Google+ “circles” have found valuable in their searches.

We will continue to keep you informed as this amazing world of search engine marketing continues to evolve, so that we maintain and advance your competitive edge.

Please contact us if you have questions. Click to download: GoogleSearchPlus-WhitePaper



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