Whether you have a money-making job or are a homemaker, organize your time and efforts for high productivity including regular rest breaks. Research has shown that highest productivity in most situations is achieved using the Pomodoro Method, working in focused 25-minute sessions, then taking 5-minute breaks. You can use a free smartphone app to time your work and breaks. 

Keep a to-do list and update it daily. We recommend the free Todoist app, which works on all platforms, but many other To Do list apps are out there. See what works best for you. 

If you are working for someone else in a business or non-profit, learn to think like the owner or CEO. Understand and master the 5 key success factors of business, as explained here. (Be sure to come back to this page if you click on that link now.)

Help others succeed, including customers and fellow employees (or family members). Don’t let your ego call the shots by trying to one-up everyone else. 

Above all, work hard. Successful people and leaders agree that hard work is essential for success in life and business.

Take a few minutes to write down pros and cons of your current work situation, and what you would like it to be if you were highly successful.

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