External Article Policy

Lciweb.com is a professional website including a large number of articles and posts about business, marketing, success and related topics, written to serve the public. Some of these articles rank high in the search engines and generate significant traffic to this website.

As a result we get many requests every day to publish content by other authors more or less related to our content, but of course containing one or more links to external websites owned by the authors or their clients. We are not interested in publishing such content on Lciweb.com, thank you.

However we do own and operate two news sites that accept paid content if written (including links) in standard journalism style with objectivity and attribution (conforming to Associated Press or AP style). One is Charlotte Area News and the other is Better Life Hub. Both contain articles from all over the country as well as written by our staff. We require any such content to be of genuine interest and value to the public, and to be accompanied by a relevant horizontal jpeg. Standard charge is currently $100 paid in advance via PayPal. Each article will be marked as an Advertisement as required by current law and regulations. 

If you want to submit an article to either site, contact us through Better Life Hub, and let us know your intentions and request(s) for placement.

Thank you,

Buck Lawrimore