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Emails Not Getting Through? New DMARC Rules May Be The Reason

DMARC is a new standard for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance” (more at http://www.dmarc.org). Basically it means that if you or your website or your software send an email where the “from” field is not the same as the domain actually sending the website, then AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and others are likely to consider it spam and bounce it back.

This is a special problem for blogs and websites like this one which are running on WordPress. If you send an online contact form using your own email address such as janesmith22@gmail.com or johnbrown44@yahoo.com, the email message is “actually” coming from the site where the contact form is located, such as Lciweb.com in our case.

Big email servers see that incoming message, compare the “from” address with the actual website address, and BOING! back it goes, never reaching the intended recipient(s).

So the fix is simple (once you know how): Change the online form so the “from” field uses a real email address like contact@thiswebsite.com, and add a new field (also called “additional header”) where the customer’s email address goes, and – Voila! problem solved.

I just did this fix for a client’s WordPress site, after a good bit of research to understand the problem and the solution, and thought I would share it with all my friends and followers out there on the worldwideweb. Go and do likewise!



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