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Email marketing is experiencing a revival today because it is better than many other options.

As business decision-makers get busier and busier, the chances of reaching them by cold calling on the phone get slimmer and dimmer. Fewer and fewer people pay attention to advertising, and news media have such skeleton crews that PR often doesn’t work either.

The problem is, how do you contact a potential prospect for your business when you aren’t sure of their name and email anyway? At least their phone number is published somewhere… if you can read the tiny type or even have a phone book anymore.

We at Lawrimore Inc. are finding more and more companies coming to us from across the U.S. with a specific need or desire for email marketing. This has led us to identify some great resources for email lists, sending emails (also called email blasts), email newsletters and more. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 was created for “Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing” – seethe law as a PDF here). It basically says it is illegal to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) in which you send out an “eblast” to try to sell something or get people who don’t know you to sign up for something.

Now some auto dealers, retailers, sexual drug purveyors, investment consultants in Nigera and many others are still doing it every day. We all hate spam. So how can you take advantage of the benefits of email marketing without appearing to spam prospects and turn them off?

Here are a few key guidelines:

1) Make it genuine – Don’t send a form email, but send a sincere message related to the prospect’s business area or known needs, just as you would with a custom-written letter, only:

2) Make it short – An email that’s longer than about 120 words is not going to get read by most prospects.

3) Make it timely – If possible connect the email to a trigger event like a company expansion or news item you might read in the local media

4) Ask for action – Ask for an appointment at a specific time or offer an ebook or report for immediate download, something that will trigger an honest response which you can also track with the right emailing software

Email newsletters are also a great way to keep existing customers and previously contacted prospects aware of your company, its products or services. Typically these have custom headers (graphic titles), attractive photographs or charts, and other items to appeal to the eye as well as the brain. But don’t overdo it! Remember people have limited time for your stuff, and in most cases only a small percentage of those on your list will even open your email newsletter.

Lawrimore is very experienced at producing appealing email newsletters and other forms of email marketing. Use our online contact form to discuss your interests, or call 704-332-4344 today.

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