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EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – Can Improve Your Life

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – is a remarkably effective new method to heal emotional pains, some physical pains, fears, phobias, anxiety and even PTSD. Learning to use this very simple set of techniques can make you a happier and more successful person.

Almost anyone alive has emotional pains from present or past experience. Maybe you were bullied as a child, or your parents shouted at you, or you got hit by a wave and almost drowned, or were rejected by a lover, or in a car accident. Just think about painful memories from your past and you will probably come up with something.

These pains from the past continue to affect our present life and therefore our success in life. We think we can’t do something, or we are afraid to do something, or our range of behavior is otherwise limited because of this old baggage in our minds and feelings. EFT makes it amazingly easy to free yourself of these hindrances to enjoying life and success.

EFT combines psychology and acupressure

EFT is a combination of simple basic psychology and acupressure, which involves tapping on key acupuncture points with your fingertips instead of sticking them with a needle. The scientific theory is that this tapping tells our “lizard brain,” the most primitive non-verbal part of your brain, that you are safe and it is OK to let go of the emotional pain.

EFT is backed by extensive, rigorous scientific research and testing. You can learn more about it by following the link below to a free version of the EFT “MiniManual” which is quick and easy to read. You can also find tons of information and over 5,000 case studies demonstrating successful use of EFT at http://eftuniverse.com.

“Tapping” relieves pain for many

If you have no repressed pain of any kind (ha), perhaps you have a loved one who suffers from this. If you want to search for “EFT tapping” on Youtube, you will see dozens of how-to videos plus an amazing interview by Megyn Kelly. Her guest is a young woman athlete who suffered pain in her shoulder that she could not clear or heal despite four years of trying everything from regular medicine to chiropractic to herbs to you name it. She picked up a book on EFT in a bookstore, learned to do it (it is dirt simple) and in two rounds of a few minutes each had completely healed herself! And almost always pain healed by EFT never returns because the brain is rewired.

The ability for EFT to heal veterans of PTSD is absolutely astonishing and backed up by tons of scientific research, as you’ll see in this PDF or this YouTube video.

So by all means, take a look at EFT and tapping. It won’t hurt you to learn about this new technique helping millions of people worldwide, and maybe it can help you or a loved one.

Here’s to your emotional freedom and a better life using EFT!



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