Dynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process For Real-World Results

Dynamic Strategic Planning bookDynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process For Real-World Results was written as a concise guide for people in all kinds of business, government, nonprofit and community organizations. Through this e-book and only this e-book, you will learn about the new approach to strategic planning which avoids 20th Century illusions and drives highly effective 21st Century strategic planning.

Dynamic Strategic Planning will enable you and your organization to:

  • Involve the right people in the strategic planning process from the start and on-going
  • Maximize the human energy and power engaged for strategic planning and implementation
  • Stimulate creativity and enthusiasm
  • Help participants focus on goals and strategies they can control, avoiding illusions
  • Transition seamlessly from the strategic planning process to the implementation process
  • Accomplish more solid results year after year
  • Minimize costs of strategic planning and implementation
  • Keep everyone informed throughout the planning and implementation process
  • Celebrate accomplishments and achievements on a regular basis

Dynamic Strategic Planning: A Powerful Process For Real-World Results, contains more than 30 pages and 11,000 words – long enough to be thorough, but short enough that you can actually expect all your planning participants to read and understand it.

Dynamic Strategic Planning is now available for immediate purchase or download from amazon.com, in either printed paperback or Kindle edition:

Published PaperbackGet the printed paperback edition and save yourself the time and effort of printing it for you and your team. To access the printed edition on amazon.com, click here. The paperback price is $14.95 plus shipping.

Kindle edition – You can read the new edition using a Kindle reader or a free Kindle app for ipad, iphone and other devices. To go to the amazon page offering our book as a Kindle edition, click here. The Kindle price is $9.99.


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