Consulting Services To Help You Manage More Confidently And Profitably

Consulting for your business

Consulting for businesses and organizations is most effective when it is combined with marketing, the main driver of increased income for your business. At Lawrimore we take a total systems approach. Marketing and communications can attract new customers, but a total operating system is needed to get them to buy from you, to meet their needs better than the competition, and to operate a profitable business.

Achieving true, lasting success involves understanding and managing five key success factors: strategy, operations, finance, personnel and marketing. We have such a strong interest in total business success that we’ve written a book about it. But our consulting focus now is to help you strengthen your business with our unique combination of:

  • More than 30 years of consulting services for hundreds of different companies and organizations
  • Finding out what works and doesn’t work
  • Studying the “success secrets” of market-leading companies for powerful insights into what makes a difference for organizations large and small
  • Preparing to help your organization achieve greater success, and to make you feel more confident and in control as a manager-leader.

We offer the following business consulting services (click on links to learn more):

To help us learn more about you and your needs, and give you some suggestions as to how we might help you, please use the contact form right on this page, or call us at 704-332-4344.