Charlotte Web Design – How to Choose A Website Designer

Charlotte web design is an area where you have lots of choices. As a growing city in the center of the two Carolinas, Charlotte has developed and attracted website design firms in abundance. So how do you choose a Charlotte web design firm that’s right for you? You could choose one of the UK dedicated servers to help with your web design. Here are a few other tips:

1. Find a web design firm that understands your business. It is very important for your website to authentically represent you and your company, and not just be a cookie cutter approach that almost any business in your industry could use. This means the web design firm should have extensive experience in the business world, understand business dynamics, and ideally also provide business consulting services.

2. Select a web designer that produces attractive websites custom tailored to each company and its target audiences. For example a website for an OB/GYN clinic should look different form a website for a chemical manufacturer. Studies have shown that even more than the content, the DESIGN of the website is the most important factor in determining whether potential customers linger on the site to read more, or click away in seconds. Sadly a portion of web designers are technical people who are not design trained, and the sites they design tend to look generic or plain. Choose a web designer that is truly a skilled Designer and not just a tech.

3. Your website should be designed from the ground up to be fully search engine optimized (SEO). We at Lawrimore have found in many cases that just creating web pages that are properly optimized for search engines can vault those pages to the first page of Google and even the top much quicker than non-optimized pages. You and your web designer should select 10 or more search terms, or “keywords,” that represent what your target markets are searching for online. That way the odds of them finding your site and contacting you are much greater.

4. Your website content should be written to be persuasive, focusing not just on information and pictures but also on what is called conversion. Conversion involves applied psychology and logical persuasion techniques which lead potential customers or clients to gain increasing confidence in your company’s abilities, then contact you by an online form, email or phone. The bottom line is, your new Charlotte web design should result in new customers and increased income for your business. Conversion is a vital part of that process.

To learn more about Lawrimore Inc.’s web design services, please visit our  Website Design & Internet page, including several links to a varied range of websites we’ve created for clients.