Charlotte Search Engine Marketing Will Get You The Top Rankings Online

Charlotte search engine marketing is the ideal way to get top rankings in the search engines for your Charlotte area business or organization. What does search engine marketing involve? Actually there are two different forms.

One is on-page search engine marketing, also called search engine optimization. The other is off-page search engine marketing, which involves getting links to your website from other sites on the web – especially those viewed as “authority sites” by Google and the other search engines.

On-page search engine optimization involves clean design – search engines do not like flash or other changing visuals because they can only see and read text, like words and headlines. This page for example is “search engine optimized” for the term “Charlotte search engine marketing,” which is used in Google and other search engines fairly often.

A search engine optimized page has a headline featuring the targeted keywords, like those at the top of this page. And the keywords should be used in a natural manner, not overly done, so the search engines know that it is legitimate and not trickery or spamming.

The other key to an effective Charlotte search engine marketing strategy is to get “off-page” links to your site from other sources on the web, such as directories, Google and Yahoo, (if you don’t know what that is, go see), and other sources particular to your business or industry category.

SEO Charlotte Search Engine OptimizationBoth articles and press releases written about your business or areas of expertise, and distributed across the web, are among the best ways to get “inbound links” to your site, whereas the older practice of trading links with other websites is now of marginal or even negative benefit.


Search engine marketing is so powerful, it may be the only type of marketing your business needs if it is done right! Lawrimore Inc. employs a number of custom software programs that help us and our clients get higher rankings and distribute our articles and press releases across the Internet.

Most likely you found this website and this page through a search engine. You see, search engine marketing works in Charlotte and around the world.

To learn how you can use Charlotte search engine marketing for your business or organization, contact Lawrimore now using our online contact form or call 704-332-4344.


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