Charlotte Public Relations FirmCharlotte Public Relations and PR firm Lawrimore Inc. has over 30 years of award-winning experience writing and placing articles in local, state, national and international media.

If you have never worked with a Charlotte NC PR firm, let us explain how we work and how it can help your business like nothing else.

Public relations (PR) is a highly cost-effective marketing toolbecause, unlike advertising, you do not have to pay the media for space in their pages or time in their broadcasts. That’s why it’s often called “free” publicity.

However, unless you do it yourself, you do have to pay someone to write and place the articles, and often to take a good photograph illustrating the story’s main focus. We do all that for you, as often as you and we can generate story ideas.

Recently an article we wrote and photographed for a client was on the front page of the largest plastics industry trade magazine in the country.

Another PR story was published on The Charlotte Observer’s Carolina Living front page, complete with a color photo, and generated a lot of business for our client. Here’s what they wrote:

“Our business has nearly doubled since the article you wrote for us
appeared in The Charlotte Observer. This was one of the best investments we have made since we started our business.”

Our president Buck Lawrimore began his career as a Charlotte Observer reporter, and he has worked with the Charlotte media as well as state and national media his entire career. He is one of the most experienced professionals among all Charlotte NC PR firms.

This means he knows what the media are looking for, and how to write and promote a story that will appeal to the media as a legitimate news or feature article. Once we learn about your business, we can suggest several story possibilities that might work the best.

Public relations is one of the most economical forms of marketing available. Writing and placing an article typically only costs a fewhundred dollars but can generate thousands of dollars in new business.

However, PR works best not as a one-shot effort but as an on-going program. Even the smallest businesses can often generate some kind of news once a month or at least once a quarter. And there are thousands of media to aim for. Repeated exposure in multiple media means potential customers are reading about your business regularly, making it much more likely that they will turn to you when they have a need you can meet.

So if you’re looking for a Charlotte NC PR firm that has a proven track record of helping businesses increase their income with the power of PR, be sure to contact the professionals at Lawrimore Inc. using our online contact form or calling


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