Charlotte Marketing Companies – How To Choose One For Your Needs

Marketing Communications Techniques

Charlotte marketing companies grow in number every day. How are you going to choose the one that’s right for you? Here are some logical criteria to help you make that decision:

Experience – Choose a firm that has been in business for a number of years. An experienced Charlotte marketing company has learned valuable insights into what works and doesn’t work in the real world. A firm with only a little experience may confuse its desire to express its creativity with what is really best for you. The majority of new businesses fail. And one of the reasons is – they don’t understand marketing!

This includes a lot of Charlotte “marketing” companies that offer various creative services but don’t understand, as the famous business guru Peter Drucker said, that the purpose of business is getting and keeping customers. We at Lawrimore Inc. have served hundreds of business, government and nonprofit organizations of all sizes since 1979. We know what it takes to be successful and to help clients like you be successful.

Service – Are you going to get the attention and service you want? Effective service means relating to you as a unique individual, listening carefully to what you want, and making recommendations that are truly in your best interest. Service means being proactive, looking out for what is best for you, and passing along occasional tips and ideas that might be helpful. And service means good communication. You should be able to reach the person responsible for your account quickly and easily by phone or email. You should expect a quick, courteous response.

At Lawrimore Inc., we try to go beyond the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule: “Serve others as they want to be served.” Call us at 704-332-4344 to experience the difference.

Creativity – We like to define creativity as “originality + appropriateness.” Anybody can be creative. Lots of people can come up with a cute or clever idea. But is it appropriate? Will it get the job done? Will it make the phone ring and increase sales? Will it resonate with the target audience? Lawrimore has won many awards for creative concepts and designs for over 25 years. But most importantly we’ve helped our clients sell millions of dollars worth of products and services. That’s creativity that counts.

Affordability – Your Charlotte marketing company should provide you with options at various price points so you can choose the one that is most cost-effective for you. This means not only that you can afford to pay for it, but also that it delivers far more in new sales and profits than it costs. Lawrimore’s years of experience has enabled us to learn many cost-saving strategies and “tricks” that help our clients save thousands of dollars. We constantly seek suppliers who can provide us with great quality at low cost. We structure everything we do as projects with specific budgets and parameters so you get what you want and there are no surprises. Well, maybe some pleasant surprises but no disappointments.

Among Charlotte marketing companies, Lawrimore has been a leader for decades. We have a proven track record of helping businesses increase their income and profits, with service, creativity and affordability.

To discuss how our services might benefit you, and to get a free estimate, use our online contact form and get a 10% discount on your first project. Or call us at 704-332-4344 for a friendly, informative conversation. We look forward to meeting you and helping you increase your business income and success!