Business Volume ControlWouldn’t it be great if you could just “turn up the volume” whenever you need more business and customers, and “turn down the volume” when you have all you want?

This “ideal scenario” can be yours with the innovative Business Volume Control™ system developed by Lawrimore Inc., one of the most experienced marketing and management consulting firms in the Carolinas. We’ve helped hundreds of small businesses increase their income, profits and success for more than 25 years. Now we’ve channeled the best of what we’ve learned over the years into a new “killer app,” Business Volume Control™ (BVC). It was created especially for small businesses (1 to 100 people), but it’s adaptable for companies of any size.


We created Business Volume Control as a solution for a painful problem we’ve seen with all too many small businesses over the years: the income roller-coaster. When times are good, everyone is busy serving customers or clients. Then suddenly the work drops off, a big customer leaves, a big project ends, or a recession hits, and down goes the business! Then it’s high anxiety time as everyone scrambles to find more business. Sometimes this takes a painfully long time.

Other small businesses tend to hit a plateau, an invisible wall, that keeps them from growing beyond a certain size. This is especially a problem if they’ve stayed the same size for months or years and then want to grow some more. But it is not a problem when you use Business Volume Control.

And a third common problem we wanted to address is marketing confusion. Small business people who are not marketing experts often have difficulty knowing which type of marketing is best. There are so many options, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Business Volume Control brings highly experienced marketing professionals to your assistance, recommending just the right marketing strategies and tactics for reaching your target audience most cost-effectively.

If you’ve been in business for a while, chances are you’ve experienced the income roller-coaster, the plateau effect, or marketing confusion more than once. If not, you’ve dodged a few bullets. Business Volume Control (BVC) is your opportunity to avoid them permanently.

Some small businesses want to grow and grow, and others prefer to remain small yet profitable. The reason? The owner or owners like “doing the work” of the business more than managing a lot of people and all the headaches that can come with that. Whether you want to grow continuously or enjoy comfortable stability, BVC puts you in control.


Remember the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting results to be different?” OK, that’s a clue to what BVC is all about. We cannot reveal this particular “secret of success” online because our competitors could read it and attempt to duplicate it. But we can tell you, in some ways you are probably going to do almost the exact opposite of what you’ve done up to now. Once you understand how BVC works and the “counterintuitive” logic of it, you’ll realize that it makes perfect sense.

Here’s how BVC begins. You send us some basic information using the form below. Then a principal of the Lawrimore team contacts you to learn more about your current business situation, and whether you want profitable growth or profitable stability. We take a look at your current new business development tools and practices. We consider your target markets and the best ways to reach them. Then we put together a recommended Business Volume Control program custom-tailored to exactly what you want, when you want it. There is no cost or obligation for this initial consultation.

We will explain the “secret of success” and how it can work for you. You can choose how much or how little new business you want – just like turning up the volume. And if later on you have all the business you want, you can simply turn the volume back down again. Either way, you are in control!


Now let’s be real. If you have a small business, you probably have a limited budget. We know that. So we’ve designed Business Volume Control to be affordable for any business, even one person. In other words, there is a ladder or hierarchy of new business tools and practices, starting with very inexpensive and moving up to the high ranges that the big companies spend.

Anybody who is in business can afford the lowest level, and most can afford more. In fact you may have some of these tools already. But you almost certainly don’t have the income-controlling power of anything like Business Volume Control. Now you can!

Knowing exactly what is best for your business is not a simple 1-2-3 matter. It takes a lot of professional knowledge and experience to diagnose a small business situation and prescribe the solution that is right for you, something you will feel very positive about and wish you’d had it sooner. And it has taken us years of careful analysis, working with hundreds of small businesses, to determine which business practices can make the Business Volume Control program work most effectively for anyone.

So to be truly authentic and professional, to provide you with a BVC solution that is ideal for your business and what you want to accomplish, not some canned off-the-shelf program, we have to customize every bit of information we give you. You provide us with some basic information about your business to start with.

There will be no charge for us reviewing this information and deciding which approach would be best for you. This is just the beginning of course – we will need more communication in person, by phone, email or all 3 before we recommend any specific BVC program. And until you are comfortable with your customized program and sign up for its benefits, this will cost you nothing.


Don’t continue riding the income roller-coaster with all the anxiety and loss it can bring! Enjoy the security of being able to turn up the volume for more business whenever you need it, and turn it back down when you have all you want. Start taking control now by providing the basic business information in our online contact form.

A member of the Lawrimore team will be in touch with you very quickly to open a free dialogue and begin developing a Business Volume Control program which is just right for you. All information will be kept in total confidence.

Start now by filling in the online contact form, and in the comment section, be sure to explain your interest in Business Volume Control. Or call us today at 704-332-4344. Let’s turn up the volume on your business income and profits!

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