Business Development System for the 21st Century – A Great Fit For Your Business

business development system

A 21st Century Business Development System (BDS) not only improves your sales and income, it also constantly evolves to keep you and your entire business on the leading edge of change so you can be optimally successful.

Advantages of a 21st Century Business Development System include:

  • Increased opportunities for sales and profits
  • Better focus on activities that generate the most value
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • More energy and involvement of your people
  • More effective strategy for competitive advantage

A Business Development System is much more than getting new business. Old-style business development tends to miss some of the key success factors that are so vital for optimum business health. As a result the company underperforms and in some cases does not survive for long.

Managing Your Business As A Whole System

The human brain evolved to avoid danger and solve problems like finding food. Thus the problem with many businesses is that they are fragmented. People often have blinders on, focused on minimizing risk and sometimes doing the minimum amount of work to get paid. Different people and different departments often operate in “silos” that do not adequately think about or connect to other business functions.

For example, a sales and marketing team can attract a new buyer by making certain promises, direct and indirect. But then the rest of the company has to produce products, services and experiences to fulfill those promises and turn a buyer into a satisfied customer who continues purchasing from the company. A smoothly operating business not only satisfies customers more, it also improves the satisfaction of the owners and managers running the business, giving them greater peace of mind and long-term value.

Establishing a Business Development System For Your Business

Establishing a Business Development System involves four key steps:

  1. Gaining consensus among the management team about current realities, opportunities and challenges
  2. Interviewing a representative group of customers to clarify what they want and perceive
  3. Modifying operations of the business to better meet customer meets and seize opportunities
  4. Managing the business for optimum performance and continuous improvement

A 21st Century Business Development System effective integrates operations, people, marketing, finances and strategy into a unified whole. Find out how a Business Development System facilitated by Lawrimore Inc. could work for your company. Contact president Buck Lawrimore at 704-332-4344 or use the online contact form right on this page.