What Is Content Marketing? How to Understand and Use It Profitably

What Is Content Marketing?
How To Understand It And Use It Profitably
By Lawrimore Inc. – Lawrimore.com

Content Marketing is the new way to get higher search rankings and increased sales by creating useful, informative content that is appealing both to your target markets and also to Google and other search engines. Content can be in the form of web pages, blog posts, long articles, white papers, videos, social media posts and tweets, public relations – almost any form of media that can be “read” by people and  search engines.

The new emphasis on Content Marketing is largely a result of recent changes in how Google ranks websites – so important because a top rank in Google, Bing and other search engines can be worth thousands or millions of dollars in increased revenue for a company or organization. How do you best take advantage of these changes in the ever-swirling world of online marketing and social media so that your company comes out on top with increased sales and an improved brand reputation?Read More

Content Marketing Strategy – Three Ways To Approach It

content-marketing-graphicContent marketing is hot today, in part because Google and other search engines demand it for high search engine rankings. Human beings are also looking for good content as millions of searches are performed every moment, most by people looking for useful information.

As a longtime professional writer, content marketing was a natural fit for me, and Lawrimore Inc. is providing this service for a growing number of clients nationwide. In the process we have gone through three phases or stages of understanding and developing content marketing strategy.Read More

How To Publish Your Blog Content Automatically On Social Media

Whether you blog regularly or occasionally, it is advantageous to share your ideas and contents with others via social media. Of course some will read your blog, but many others probably connect with you on other social media.

jetpack_horizontal_hugeThe coolest tool we’ve found to republish that great content is Jetpack, available free as a WordPress blog plugin. To function with all its great free features, Jetpack needs to connect to your WordPress.com account, but that is also free. So if you don’t have a WordPress.com account yet, be sure to set one up first.

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New Holographic “Greeter” Technology Employed For Client Trade Show

HoloGreeterThe Lawrimore team was proud to be one of the first in America to produce a Holographic Greeter exhibit for a professional trade show. If you’ve never seen a Holographic Greeter, it’s pretty amazing. The “model” is lifesize and appears to be right in front of you, talking like a “normal” person would about the client’s products and services.

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What is the Difference Between a Blog and a Website?

blog-graphicSeveral times lately I have been asked, What is the difference between a blog and a website? And related, Is a blog a website or something different?

Well to give you an immediate answer, you are reading a blog “post” right now. Lciweb.com uses WordPress, as do thousands of other websites, for the blog portion of our site. By contrast, our main site runs on HTML, not WordPress.

But all that is under the hood. The big difference is this:Read More

What is a Marketing Plan?

We are often asked by starting clients, What is a marketing plan? or, What does a marketing plan consist of?

Marketing-planning-compositA marketing plan is created to help your business or organization achieve its marketing objectives, which usually include increasing sales and establishing or improving your brand reputation. Neither of these is a mechanical process which can be output like widgets, but rather are complex results of human relationships and transactions.

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Website Owner’s Checklist – 10 Things You Need To Know For Self-Protection

If you or someone else in your business is responsible as the owner of a website, it is very important that you have all the required user names, passwords, and access points (URLs) in case your current web developers get hit by a truck or you have a falling out with them.

Here’s a list of such information which might be helpful for you; having all the information filled in will be a valuable “free” insurance policy:Read More

How To Get A Job In Creative Design, Advertising or Marketing

Many college students who want to get a job after graduation, or an internship before then, in creative design, advertising or marketing should begin by advertising and marketing themselves online. Internet marketing is a vast and powerful force that you can only learn a little bit in college. All the resources you need are free and easily accessible. Here’s what we recommend to college students looking to break into the field part-time or full-time:

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