Key Advantages Of Email Marketing And When To Use It

Here’s a concise summary of the advantages of email marketing, why and when to use it, and keys to making it work for you:

  1. email marketingKey advantages of email marketing
    • Only pennies or less to send each email
    • Still the most effective form of Internet marketing – practically everyone checks their email more than once a day
    • A great way to keep customers, prospects and other groups informed and aware of your business and what it offers (lest they forget)

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How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy – Part 1, Purposes

Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy begins with defining your purposes.

“Begin with the end in mind” is a well-known saying in business popularized by Stephen Covey in his famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Many other consultants and authors have pointed out the great importance of having a clear purpose.

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The Benefits of the Marketing Orientation for your Business

Benefits of the Marketing Orientation

Does your business enjoy the benefits of the marketing orientation, or does it have another focus?

We’ve all heard of corporate culture, but orientation is something else – and sometimes it is so subtle businesses aren’t even aware of it. Your business orientation defines how you focus your resources and relate to the outside world. The so-called marketing orientation means the business as a whole is oriented to understanding and meeting the needs of customers. And realistically, few businesses have this valuable orientation. 

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Is Your Website AMP’d? Google Pushing Faster Technology


Not satisfied just with giving mobile-friendly websites higher rankings in search results, Google is now backing a project called AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. And Google will start rewarding AMP’d websites in early 2016. Twitter, Pinterest and other publishers are following suit as the speed-trend takes off.

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Top 17 Recent Local Search Updates To Help Your Business


Local search involves getting the search engines to recognize your local business and show it on the first page of search results for potential customers. So it’s very important. Here are 17 updates in the local search world for you to know about and leverage for best results.

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Did They Open Your Email? The Joy Of Knowing The Answer

email-34405949_sHave you found yourself feeling frustrated when someone does not respond to your email at all? Wonder if they even read it?

Increasingly I have noticed that some emails I send to clients and other contacts do not generate a response. No reply. Nothing. Nada. I don’t take it personally but suspect that as more and more people get bombarded not just by email but by social media and the faster pace of business, they zip through their email inbox in a hurry and only open a few messages and plan to get back to others later… maybe.

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