Business To Business Marketing For Your Small Business – What Really Works

business to business marketing for small businessBusiness to business marketing is easier in some ways and harder than others compared to consumer marketing. With business to business marketing, there are fewer potential customers (consumers outnumber businesses by about 100 to 1), who can often be targeted fairly precisely by company name and demographics. This allows your marketing to be more focused and generally less expensive.

But business to business marketing is also more serious. You’re not going to attract many business customers by saying “I’m Lovin’ It” or “It’s the real thing.” You need to clearly communicate the benefits of using your products or services with language, images and other forms of marketing that resonate with your target decision-makers. Businesses also tend to stick with their suppliers and not be as fickle as consumers about trying something new. So realistically to get yourself a few new business customers, you are probably going to have to pry them away from their existing relationships – not an easy task.

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The 4 Best Ways To Increase Your Sales

increase your salesWould you like to increase your sales and income economically? This is the number one need or interest for businesses of all sizes and types, according to many surveys. There are more than 50 different ways you can increase your company’s revenues, but 4 stand out as the most effective, affordable, and proven to work in today’s competitive marketplace. Do you know what they are? Read on to find out.

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53 Small Business Marketing Ideas For Increasing Your Sales

Small business marketing ideas


Small business marketing ideas can be found in abundance online and offline. But many are too complicated, too demanding or too time-consuming for typical small businesses. This summary includes 53 of the best, most practical small business marketing ideas we could assemble. It is based on years of providing marketing services to hundreds of small businesses and gathering ideas from thousands of articles, books and blog posts. According to recent surveys, the No. 1 concern of small businesses nationwide is to increase sales and income. We would all like to make more money, right? And the best way to increase sales and income is through improved marketing, including marketing strategy, online and offline marketing.

Marketing done right will not only increase your small business income and profits, but also improve brand awareness and customer demand, as well as increase your market share for years to come. Surprisingly many small businesses don’t do any marketing besides opening for business, hanging a sign out front and trusting word of mouth. This summary report is intended to give you, the small business owner or decision-maker, a leg up in the competitive marketplace And most of these ideas are inexpensive or even free, so you should be able to use many of them.

This brief report is designed to be easy to read and implement. It’s based on what really works to drive more sales and income. Realistically some of these are things you can do yourself, and some may require the help of a marketing agency or freelancer. But the more you know, the more you can grow your business successfully and remain in control.

The content is divided into four sections:

  • Part A: Small Business Marketing Planning and Strategy Ideas – the smart way to start improving your marketing for maximum cost-effectiveness; admittedly this part is not easy or fun, unless you love strategy, so if you prefer, jump to one of the other parts
  • Part B: Small Business Marketing Ideas Online – using the internet, email, social media and more
  • Part C: Small Business Marketing Ideas Offline – using traditional media like newspapers, radio, TV, postcards, PR and more
  • Part D: Small Business Marketing Budgeting And Control of your small business marketing program

We welcome your feedback and suggestions via our website Now enjoy your read!

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Key Advantages Of Email Marketing And When To Use It

Here’s a concise summary of the advantages of email marketing, why and when to use it, and keys to making it work for you:

  1. email marketingKey advantages of email marketing
    • Only pennies or less to send each email
    • Still the most effective form of Internet marketing – practically everyone checks their email more than once a day
    • A great way to keep customers, prospects and other groups informed and aware of your business and what it offers (lest they forget)

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How To Develop An Effective Marketing Strategy – Part 1, Purposes

Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy begins with defining your purposes.

“Begin with the end in mind” is a well-known saying in business popularized by Stephen Covey in his famous 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Many other consultants and authors have pointed out the great importance of having a clear purpose.

Human beings are naturally goal oriented. Without stated purposes the people in any organization can pursue their own personal interests – whatever feels right to them. This leads to diffusing the resources of the company and not accomplishing very much as a team.

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The Benefits of the Marketing Orientation for your Business

Benefits of the Marketing Orientation

Does your business enjoy the benefits of the marketing orientation, or does it have another focus?

We’ve all heard of corporate culture, but orientation is something else – and sometimes it is so subtle businesses aren’t even aware of it. Your business orientation defines how you focus your resources and relate to the outside world. The so-called marketing orientation means the business as a whole is oriented to understanding and meeting the needs of customers. And realistically, few businesses have this valuable orientation. Click to read more….

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How You Can Profit From The Difference Between Sales And Marketing

sales and marketing

The terms “sales” and “marketing” are often used interchangeably, and many people have the title “VP of Sales and Marketing” just to be sure all the bases are covered. But there is a very important difference that can mean increased profits for you and your business.

In a nutshell here is the difference between sales and marketing:

  • Sales involves deciding what you want to sell, and trying to persuade customers to buy it.
  • Marketing involves finding out first what customers want, modifying your products or services accordingly, then offering it for sale.

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