Charlotte advertising agency

Charlotte advertising agency Lawrimore Inc. offers you the unique advantage of advertising: being able to purchase space or time in the media as often and as much as you like. While ads are not “free” as publicity articles are, if they are properly conceived and designed, they can consistently generate sales far more than they cost. Options include:

(1) Online advertising, especially pay-per-click ads on Google and other search engines, are the most inexpensive and cost-effective form of advertising today, especially when paired with search engine optimization. These ads can get you on the front page of Google search results today, and we can fine-tune the ads over time for ever-better return on investment.

(2) Newspaper advertisements using local, state, regional or national media, depending on your target audience. Newspaper ads reach the public at large, so the audience is very diverse. However they offer geographic targeting impossible with national media.

(3) Magazine ads are typically but not always full color, designed to stand out from the crowd. Magazine ads are advantageous in showing beautiful color images and reaching targeted audiences.

(4) Direct mail often combines a publication (see publications) with a customized cover letter and special envelope, but can be stand-alone. Large color postcards are especially cost-effective because respondents almost always see them, at least for a few seconds, as opposed to other media which may be totally ignored. We coordinate all creative, production and mailing.

(5) Radio spots involve voice talent and music, and require professional effort to be both distinctive and effective. They are good at communicating excitement and can be very cost-effective. Generally radio stations target specific demographics, so you can target your audiences accordingly, with our help.

(6) Television commercials vary widely in cost depending on length, quality, market and other variables. These mass-market-area communications can be especially helpful when it is important to show your product or business in action. They generally cost significantly more to produce and run than radio, but in many markets cable advertising is especially cost-effective.

(7) Outdoor (billboards, banners, etc.) include creative development, production management and media/location planning. Billboards are especially effective at reaching potential customers in cars, such as those driving in or toward an area near your business or development.

(8) Other advertising items quoted on request include specialty advertising (clothing, cups and mementos), trade show booths, exhibitions and more. For all your advertising needs, contact Charlotte advertising agency Lawrimore Inc. using our online contact form or call us at 704-332-4344