Benefits of Public Relations And PR: The Most Economical Form Of Marketing

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If you want to reach large audiences as inexpensively as possible, public relations is the way to go. Public relations includes the creation and distribution of information, primarily in the form of stories, published or broadcast by mass media such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio.

Because the media do not charge for publishing these articles, but consider them valuable for their readers, PR has the power to reach millions of people for very little money, generating many valuable sales leads. 

Public relations is also the core of content marketing, the smart new way to get your information listed in the search engines while communicating directly with target audiences through social media.

Benefits of public relations and PR include:

• The most economical way by far to reach mass audiences
• Stimulates awareness of and demand for your company products or services
• Develops a stronger, more controlled image for your firm
• Creates the perception that the company is active, “on the move”
• Has seven times the credibility of advertising, studies show
• Provides an advantage over competitors who do not use ‘P.R.’ effectively

More than 30 years experience in public relations

Lawrimore’s principals have over 30 years of experience in public relations and have won national awards for their work. Among the thousands of articles they have written are many that have been carried by the Associated Press to news media around the world, reaching literally many millions of readers. Other key “placements” have included numerous multi-page articles in trade publications read by our clients’ target prospects.

Public relations (PR) also includes print and email newsletters, social media, information brochures, community relations, speeches, government relations and many other forms of communication in which time and space are not charged by the media. Content produced for public relations programs also provide valuable on-site content for Search Engine Optimization programs and projects.

Photographs or other visuals add to a story’s appeal and should be included when possible. Lawrimore staff can take publicity photos in the Charlotte region or subcontract with skilled photographers anywhere in the U.S.

To learn more about cost-effective public relations services from highly experienced professionals, use the quick contact form right on this page or call President Buck Lawrimore at 704-332-4344.

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  1. It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to using a public relations firm that there are benefits that can come for businesses to use them. I like how you mentioned that using this service will allow the business to develop a stronger image for their firm. This is something that I believe that all people should consider making sure that things will go well for those who need them.

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